Tolaria Open

First open Tournament hosted by the makers.Swedish (with reprints) plus all Cards with Tolaria written on them. Tolaria OpenSince the launch of this “baby” of mine, I have yet successfully… Continue reading Tolaria Open

Summer Derby 2021

The next Derby is announced! Update to add links tostructure and rules form–DtNbtX_1tk9acg/viewform From the Facebook OLD SCHOOL 93-94 MTG Webcam Player Community post by Dave Firth Bard: The 2021… Continue reading Summer Derby 2021

Ivory Cup VI

Ivory Cup 6

Another traditional old school tournament will be held by webcam this year, the Ivory Cup 6. Rules are full Swedish, so no reprints or proxies!See the quote from Wak-Wak, the… Continue reading Ivory Cup VI

N00bcoM II Tournament

N00bcom 2 tournament organized by Wak-Wak as the original N00bcon is cancelled due to Covid-19. See blog entry n00bcom-online-tournament-2021.