DACH League February’22 Report

My approach with my 5c LionBurn was stopped by strong showings of [scrylink]blood-moon:drk[/scrylink] decks in my Swiss group. I ended up 2:2 and unfortunately had one game loss more than Chris who managed to reach the final rounds. Please find the “bonus video” playing my deck against Chris with Red Black Aggro below. 8)

My Deck photo:

5c LionBurn – Erik

The final was played between Seppi and Marc. Seppi chose a quite typical Robots build with a lot of blue and red and a black splash. He can board in [scrylink]blood-moon:drk[/scrylink] to shut down decks like mine and then come in with the [scrylink]triskelion:atq[/scrylink] and other robots. Marc on the other side changed The Deck in order to make it a bit more aggressive – remember many players in our DACH league are not a big fan of TheDeck and the long games without a finisher. I think the use of [scrylink]su-chi:atq[/scrylink] and two [scrylink]serra-angel:leb[/scrylink] in the SB and not relying only on [scrylink]mishras-factory:atq[/scrylink] or a single [scrylink]fireball:leb[/scrylink] fixed this issue quite well, while not giving up on the strongest cards in The Deck.

The result can be seen in the video of the final match here:

The deck photos of the finalists: Above Marc, below Seppi:

4c Su-Chi TheDeck – Marc
UBR Robot – Seppi

As I’m a little bit late with my report, the March league is already close to the final. I recommend you to join us in April, registration link will be in the DACH Facebook group as usual.

In addition I would like to remember we have two tournaments coming up in the North of Germany:
1. in March: Hanseatic Oldschool XII
2. in May: Hanseatic Merchant Ship Cup

Hope to see you soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

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