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  • Hanseatic HOT 18 Report
    Last weekend the Hanseatic Oldschool Tournament 18 took place in Hamburg. This regular and much smaller tournament is the opportunity for our local people to meet and play. The format was Atlantic and after a debacle with an X point … Read more
  • Merchant Ship Cup 2 Report
    Hi Planeswalker, I’m sorry for you if you have missed the biggest event organized by the Hanseatic Oldschool community – it was a blast! We met on a real ship in the Hamburg harbor to play the Merchant Ship Cup. … Read more
  • Raging Bull Series 2023 (OS)
    Friday 12.05: Two Headed Giant unified Saturtday 13.05: Oldschool, full swedishLocation: Spelletjescafe “2 Klaveren” in Amsterdam During UTC tournament in november of 2022 i received my invite from Richard for the Raging Bull Series (RBS) 2023. In the past i … Read more
  • Shopping Recommendations Update
    Get your Merchant Ship ready! I added some items to the shopping page. I’m trying to provide a quite good overview on the basic books and equipment any old schooler should know or have. If you haven’t done it yet, … Read more
  • Hanseatic OS Tournament 16 Report
    The Hanseatic Oldschool community invited for tournament 16 (HOT 16), requesting players to bring their Swedish decks for 5 rounds of fun. This is my regional playgroup so I was happy to see that we can player regularly again. There … Read more
  • Hanseatic OS Tournament 15 Report
    The Hanseatic Oldschool community invited for the fifteenth local tournament, calling players to bring their Atlantic decks including max. 3 proxies. The proxy reduction from 9 to 3 was discussed for a long time, but it seems it was working … Read more

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