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Magic: The Gathering – Trading Card Guide

Taschenbuch / pocketbook
Very thick book (1472 pages!) with pictures and comments to all Magic cards from Alpha to Dissension. The book was published in 2006 and is written in German, French and Italian (all three in one book). I have one since ~2007 and I certainly recommend it. It is simply the best offline listing of Magic cards and it has exact pictures of the correct edition (Alpha and Beta is different for example).

Published 2006 by Michael Steiner / Fantasia.

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A Collector’s History of Magic The Gathering: Volume 1

Taschenbuch / pocketbook
The ultimate book for all who want to know more about the history and get insight knowledge about print runs, card naming and so on. With 202 pages, volume 1 is the only volume so far but fortunately it covers all OS editions :).
I have the book and I think it’s a must have for all old school players (not only collectors).

Published 2014 by Ryan William Rooks.

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Magic – The Gathering Cards: The Unofficial Ultimate Collector’s Guide

Taschenbuch / pocketbook
Huge secondary market overview on 512 pages featuring cards from 165 MTG editions. The book is well written with many images and nicely arranged tables. It includes FBB listings which is normal in Germany but rare for US publications.
If you worry about today’s prices, get the book, have a look back to 2018 and cry more…

Published 2018 by Ben Bleiweiss / Krause Publications.

Magic – The Gathering: Official Encyclopedia – The Complete Card Guide

Richard Garfield’s official encyclopedia from 1996 – nothing more to say. Important for all collectors, but maybe not the first buy. I personally enjoyed the above books a bit more.

Published 1996 by ‎Carlton Books.

Dragon Shield Standard Perfect Fit Sealable Sleeves

Dragon Shield resealable inner sleeves are my favorite inner sleeves for the expensive cards. The sleeve is closing completely around the card and still quite thin. This make it actually easier to change the standard sleeve as the card won’t slide out. Can be bought with darkened back, too.

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