Old School Rules Overview

Old school 93/94 is about playing as if you were in the year 94 with only the first sets available. I gives an original feeling by using this stable card pool, brings back memories or even nostalgia, provides a lot of fun with a nice variety of decks, iconic cards and power while still allowing budget decks to win tournaments.

Well known Old School 93 94 formats are listed below. Keep in mind every community or tournament might have house rules.
In addition we strongly recommend the variants with points restriction, especially 7pts Singleton, X points, Gentleman Swedish or OS Brawl!
See links below the table.

All the formats are allowing cards from Alpha, Beta, Unlimited as well as Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends and The Dark. Only some are adding Fallen Empires, as shown in table below.

Format names have links to source page & below the table are some more useful or interesting links 🙂

OS 93/ 94AtlanticECJKEternal-
M. S. CupUKSwedishDanishRavennaPaladinPacificBorealFrench
Fallen Empiresyyyynononononoyyyy
WCD / Gold******no******
Plague Rats erratanononononononononoyyyno
Draw = flip Orbnoynonononononononoyyno
Maze of Ith4144444441441
Mishra’s Workshop4441111111441
Strip Mine144 (2)1111110441
Time Vault4141444141144
Mishra’s Factory4444444441444
The Tabernacle at P. V.4444444441444
Crusade… bansnononononononononoproxynonono
Mind Twist1111111110111
Library of Alexandria1111111110111
* = tbc – ask locals or the organizer

Links to the points or singleton variants:

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