Merchant Ship Cup 2 Report

Hi Planeswalker,

I’m sorry for you if you have missed the biggest event organized by the Hanseatic Oldschool community – it was a blast!

We met on a real ship in the Hamburg harbor to play the Merchant Ship Cup. I participated with a very strong deck, my Lion Dib Burn build. I was quite unfortunate in the first match, despite drawing quite well I was crushed by my opponent. Nevertheless I had some good follow-up matches and if the last match wouldn’t have been so unlucky I could have made it to the top 8.

To get a taste of what was going on, please watch the video streams in my playlist on YouTube:

To avoid spoilers I didn’t put the winner photos or deck in this post. You can find them in the last video (top 8, at the end).

The first is the side event, the Ghost Ship Cup:

The second video is showing the 6 Swiss rounds:

The third is showing the Top 8 and the winners including the winning deck at the end.

See you next year – or before in our more casual tournaments 🙂

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