Hanseatic OS Tournament 15 Report

The Hanseatic Oldschool community invited for the fifteenth local tournament, calling players to bring their Atlantic decks including max. 3 proxies. The proxy reduction from 9 to 3 was discussed for a long time, but it seems it was working fine with no one complaining during the event, as we were also helping each other out by borrowing cards.

I chose to play my favorite deck again: UBW Deadguy Flyer. 🙂
See my deck pic below.

It performed well again, ending 3-1-1 with an unfortunate draw due to too much chatting, drinking and playing slow. My deck had good chances to go 4-1. You can see my deck in the match 4 video below.

Our meta is quite diverse and my all-rounder deck does well and I get to know it better over time, mostly losing due to bad draws on my side or incredible lucky draws of my opponents. Hymn and Order from Fallen Empires are a strong addition to the “Deadguy” deck, making it stronger against control as well as having more two mana plays that I can spit out turn 1 or 2 with Dark Ritual, Mox Jet or the Lotus.

Please find the tournament report written by Albert linked to read his impressions and see more photos.

A video for each round was recorded, with the match five sowing the battle for the 1st prize. All videos are linked here and can be found on the YouTube channel of Nahti1.

HOT 15 – Round 1 – Stefan S. vs Marco
HOT 15 – Round 2 – Vincent vs Peter
HOT 15 – Round 3 – Stefan MB vs Peter
HOT 15 – Round 4 – Tillmann vs Erik
HOT 15 – Round 5 – Alex vs Andy

Now that you have seen the videos, I think it’s safe to share the deck of the “final” as well as the final standing in the following pictures.

RW / Pink Moon by Andy

Above the winning deck from Andy, below finalist Alex’ deck:

UBR Midrange / TrollDisco by Alex
Final Standing HOT 15

If you like to join our tournaments in Hamburg, as we plan to do them every 2-3 months, then please contact the organizing team on the Hanseatic Oldschool page.


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