Winter Derby 2022 Final Decks

Winter Derby for the season 2021 to 2022 was a huge tournament again, having 286 participants from 22 countries competing for the crown of the Winter Derby champion and enjoying the international setup.

Not sure if you like to know, but my Atlantic Deadguy Ale deck I also played in the DACH league went 4-4 with a lot of unlucky draws for me and super strong openings for my opponents. I actually played my first match against the winner Koos. He explained me how to use Tolaria. Unfortunately my first try to stream with Tolaria resulted in a messy video, but I decided to share it with you anyway. One thing I can tell for sure: Koos is a very friendly guy with perfect draws. 🙂

One example from our first game: Turn 2 I play [scrylink]hymn-to-tourach:fem[/scrylink] on Koos, he answers the turn after with [scrylink]ancestral-recall:leb[/scrylink]. Then I play turn 3 [scrylink]black-lotus:2ed[/scrylink] and a [scrylink]sengir-vampir:fbb[/scrylink], but Koos answers with [scrylink]regrowth:leb[/scrylink], [scrylink]ancestral-recall:leb[/scrylink] finding [scrylink]swords-to-plowshares:leb[/scrylink] for the [scrylink]sengir-vampir:fbb[/scrylink]. In addition he got 2 Moxen and a [scrylink]mishras-factory:atq[/scrylink] in play – watch the rest here:

my match video vs Koos

For everyone interested to join the next Derby: I noticed this tournament is split into the spike and spice people. Luckily after the first batch you’ll meet more of your own kind. In the first rounds and top 8, expect only spike with fully powered decks. One surprising exception was our fellow German DACH league hero Mark Young who managed to get into the top 16 without Power 9. He was awarded the “People’s Champ” title by Dave and the community after the deck photos for the finals were shared.

In addition to Mark, two more DACH league regulars reached the top 16: Julian Riedl (1st place undefeated) and Nicolas Imwinkelried (6th). Congratulations to all three for this great result after batch 2!

So how come that our fellow players didn’t win? Maybe if you see the two finalists you will realize this is a really competitive event. Only the top decks and players can make it and what is the well known top tier archetype?

(I will share the final video link once available)

1st place – The Deck – Koos Cramer
2nd place – The Deck – Rich Shay

“Official” Report, including all deck photos and spicy mentions:

Report from the winner Koos:

Please follow the OS 93/94 Facebook group or my event calendar for announcements of the Summer Derby 2022.

Huge thanks to Dave Firth Bard for organizing the Derby and see you!

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