DACH League September Final

This month I decided to discover the wild war animals trampling around Savannah‘s combined with a small parfait support and control shell. I did worse than my deck could have, but if it were not for the City in a Bottle played against me in a fierce way, I would have come out quite well – I believe…

So here is my deck of choice for the X-point Atlantic rule set, aka Töörööööh!


Even though I was not so successful by playing, I won the (half) spice award for the month. 🙂
In addition I decided to share two games in the Swiss rounds with you (below) that I streamed.

Albert’s Robots vs. Erik’s Elephants

Albert’s Robots vs. Martin’s Black-Red Thing

And now to the videos and below the winning decks.

DACH Septmber Semi Final
DACH September Final – Albert vs. Mario

First the 2nd place UBW Robots, then the 1st place RGW Zoo!

Albert’s Robots without power, but still shopped up
Mario’s Zoo – but what is a zoo without Elephants? 😉

Wild animals were strong this month – unfortunately not my War Elephant and War Mammoth wandering around the Elephant Graveyard.
Btw. a nice report written by Mario is available in the Facebook DACH group.

See you at our DACH community!

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