Shield Wall Cup Report

Organized by Martin at his house, the Shield Wall Cup gathered 12 wizards to contest for the best. Not everyone took this very seriously in terms of bringing spike, so the field of decks showed a very spicy variety with a clear focus on having fun. On the other hand, maybe playing Ali from Cairo was not meant to be spice…
That’s the true old school spirit we love!

The tournament was played in 3 groups of 4 and the two best in each group qualified for the finals. One table was filmed and Jan-Philipp was so nice to put the videos online, so there you go:

Round 1 (Swiss) – ShieldWallCup 2021 Erik (Deadguy Ale) vs Peer (Ali from Cairo)

Erik vs Peer

Video from Round 2 is not available yet.

Round 3 (Swiss) – ShieldWallCup 2021 JP (Goblins) vs Martin (UWB Flyers)

JP vs Martin

Round 4 (Finals) – ShieldWallCup 2021 Pascal (Deadguy Ale) vs JP (Goblins)

Pascal vs JP

Round 6 (Finals) – ShieldWallCup 2021 William (Pink Weenie) vs JP (Goblins)

William vs JP

Final match for first place – Round 5 -ShieldWallCup 2021 Max (BR Troll) vs JP (Goblins)

Max vs JP

As usual I present the top two decks in my report:

BR Trolls – Max

Above: Max a.k.a. Meddling Maxe was playing powered BR Trolls
Below: Jan-Philipp was playing very classy Goblins

Goblins – Jan-Philipp

And now the winner with the grand prize: Shield Wall. May the shield save him!

1st prize – a shield wall!

We had a lot of fun, including axe throwing as a side event… see you at the next gathering 🙂

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