Rissen Invitational 2021

The Rissen Invitational was played in a private location and organized by a member of the Hanseatic Old School group. With a strong focus on coming together after a very long lock down period in Germany and enjoying some rounds of real life Magic, we had a lot of fun, chats and beer on a wonderful sunny day.

Though the video is focusing on simple play, the photos will tell you more about the event that includes a surprisingly difficult session of oversized Chaos Orb flipping with a oversized Shivan Dragon as target.

After more than ten month eight people of our crew had our first real live tournament in 2021.

Playing online is nice but it is not the same as sitting together, drinking an having fun.

Our regular location is still closed to big group events. This chance was used by Erik to show his hospitality and quality as a host. Thank you for opening your home for us!

On a beautiful Saturday we gathered at his location with the plan to turn the cards again and have some fun.

The Ruleset was Atlantic, but some of us like to set the bar a bit higher restricting ourselves to only Swedish legal reprints and or banned and restrictions.

Vincent set out to test his latest acquisition a Workshop in a Swedish legal Robots deck (the one ugly White bordered Tetravus switched places with his Antiquities brother).

In the first round he faced Chris but his Zombies were no match for the brutal power of the robots. In the second round Erik managed to draw the right answers and won the match. In the third round Vincent defeated Jan who was on an extremely spicy Karma Tomb deck. In the forth round he managed to win against Sandrillo on Counterburn. From the three players who managed to finish 3-1, Sandrillo had the best tie-braker and won a beautiful sheet signed by all participants.

Hopefully we can all meet each other soon and play again.

Short report posted on the groups FB page
Video of the live stream – 4 rounds of Swiss

Impressions from our gathering:

All 8 deck photos in order of final standing:

1st Sandrillo with Counterburn
2nd Vincent with Swedish Robots
3rd Tobias with Trolldisco
4th Jan with Karma Tomb
5th Erik with Deadguy Ale
6th Pascal with Deadguy Ale
7th Chris with Zombies
8th Peter with Deadguy Ale

A link to our Hanseatic Old School group is also available on the Community page. We hope to see you on our next open tournament!

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