Urborg Forest Frenzy 2021 Report

My friends from Hanseatic Old School wrote a cool report about their trip to Düsseldorf.

It has been about one year since we traveled to our last big event.
Too much time. The anticipation was much higher than usual. Finally time to see all the people in reality again after so many months, and also time to show and shine.
For a long time I was rejecting the attempts from Vincent and Jan to convince me into wearing a leather or jeans vest. This time they succeeded and I ordered one for our group patches and the pins. During a call with Mitja I ordered a goat walking stick, just to finish the dress.
Vincent, Jan and I agreed to travel by car, since Düsseldorf is only about 4 hours from Hamburg. After seeing the manu of the location, we agreed that we wanted to order multiple 10l beer barrels and drink from the beer glasses engraved with our group logo. For…

Read all here including pics: https://www.facebook.com/101885304892472/posts/387669422980724/?d=n

Live streams recorded by the famous Timmy the Sorcerer (not linked in Hanseatic OS’s report above):

Urborg Forest Frenzy live stream 1
Urborg Forest Frenzy live stream 2

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