Raging Bull and League Updates

Today we have quite a few updates on streams and videos that came out since my last post. Don’t forget all regular streamers and league groups are also linked on our Community page.

1. Raging Bull Series
Raging Bull Series 2021 was played on the 29th of May. It was a huge webcam tournament using Swedish rules as normal play was not possible. The good news: there is a 11+ hour live stream on YouTube fully commentated by Timmy and Richard! It is not publicly listed as Timmy will publish the matches separately later, but with this link you can watch the whole tournament stream now as replay. 🙂
Edit: Link to full report is no available: 2021 Coverage & Results

2. Sky Guild
German old school player Mitja Held started the video series called “Sky Guild” together with Charles Klein to present some new deck concepts, brewing alternatives to the common tournament decks we can see on most streams. They have a huge card pool with access to extremely rare and beautiful cards. Therefore I expect a lot of fun decks and matches! 🙂
The first episode is on Youtube here.

3. 7pts Singleton
I streamed two more matches of the quarter and semi finals of the Facebook 7pts Singleton league. Watch the replays on Twitch or YouTube.
Match Jeremy vs. Gwen
Match Nathan vs. Flavio

4. Squachbird
Last but not least many new matches in webcam leagues were played by Phil and streamed on his channel on Twitch in German and English (depending the league). Those are available only two weeks so make sure to check it out on time. We also co-moderated the DACH league final. I will post the YouTube link and deck photos once all is available.

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