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Tolaria Open

2021-11-13 @ 14:00 22:00 UTC+0

First open Tournament hosted by the Tolaria.app makers.
Swedish (with reprints) plus all Cards with Tolaria written on them.

Tolaria Open
Since the launch of this “baby” of mine, I have yet successfully managed my own tournament and I think it’s about time. Welcome to a public open event played over a webcam with the true spirit of old school.
Rule Set
Standard Swedish Rule Set with a twist. See below for an additional card pool.

Reprint Policy
In this event, we will be using an open reprint policy which means that any old frame, non-foil, same art card is allowed. For the additional card pool, any printing is allowed.

Additional Card Pool
As this is the first-ever Tolaria Open we are going to spice the hell out of this and allow any card that mentions Tolaria anywhere on the card. This means we are adding a total of 50 cards on top of the cards already legal in Swedish Old School.
For a full list of additional cards, head over to Tolaria.app/cards and search for the term “oracle:tolaria or name:tolaria or flavor:tolaria”.

I hope to see lots of you during this event.

Free tbc

Slanfan (Mattias Berggren)


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