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Old School Magic UK Cup 2021

2021-11-20 @ 13:00 22:00 GMT

This year will see the first annual Old School Magic Team UK Cup. Held on the 20th November it will be held in London, hosted by Rule Zero in partnership Jason Savage.

Tickets can be bought from our website here: https://www.rulezero.co.uk/product/old-school-magic-uk-cup-20-11-2021/

Teams of three players from all over the UK and further afield play off against each other for a multitude of prizes including the UK Cup Trophy, using Old School decks constructed using the old “unified deck construction rules”.
These rules state that between a teams decks, basic lands aside, no more than 4 of each card can be used across the decks and sideboards. For restricted cards, only 1 of each can be used per team.
To put this another way, if you stacked all the decks of a team on top of each other they would still have to make a legal deck.

– 1pm Start
– Swiss pairings, best of 3
– Randomised seating for the matches
– Cut to Top 4

Players will be allowed to communicate and help one another within their team as games are in progress however, this must be done in a timely fashion so that it does not hold up the pace of play. We will have a judge present to allow us to play at what will approximately be a Competitive REL, though the event will not be sanctioned and there will likely be a large amount of alcohol consumed, so this will be a little more lax than normal. Put simply you will be held accountable for your gameplay and expected to play tightly but any penalties will not be enforced unless absolutely necessary. Decklists will also be required in photographic form, emailed either before or after the event.

Prizes will be distributed throughout the event for a variety of reasons which will not be announced until they are given out. There will also be prizes for the Top 4 teams at least, as well as a participation card for all players.

£30 per team.

Tickets available through the Rule Zero website. As this is an open UK team event, teams are welcome from everywhere, there may even be a prize for the best/ funniest team name. If you are unable to find a full team, please message us, as there may be other players looking for a team that we can help team you up with.

Card Legality:
Any non-foil old-card-frame cards with original art that appear in the base sets (Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends and The Dark) are available to be played. Card reprints (City of Brass for example) in Modern-frame sets, or with a different artwork (like 5th Edition etc) are not allowed. This includes basic lands. Only reprints with original art and card frame are permitted (with the exception of Plateau and Serendib Efreet from Revised). Cards may be in any language.
Foil Cards, of any variety, are BANNED.
We will be using the Swedish Banned and Restricted List

Confirmed prizes-
Top team wins a keg of beer, as well as a trophy each
Best Individual Record
Most Interesting Deck Design (as voted for by the players)
Each player will get a participation card, likely Drowned, but subject to change.

35€ (30 GBP)