DACH League April Finals

The April D A CH league was applying Swedish rules with reprints and therefore there was a lot of power popping up on the tables of Flippi Boehm and Meddling_Maxe. 🙂

For those who still want to watch the match: Below the photos is a short recap of the match (spoiler).
Unfortunately my own deck with UB flyers performed poorly so I will bring something else the next month.
Again thanks a lot to Mario for organizing this super fun league!

Deck photos: Flippi above, Maxe below

Spoiler! Match recap below
1st game: This is the real power of draw sevens with Moxen. Nicely played by Flippi, he turned a good start with Timetwister into an overwhelming finish by countering a Hypnotic Specter with a Mana Drain and drawing five new cards from the “free” mana with a Braingeyser, even leaving two lands untapped. Then the way was open for a quick beat down with a pair of elementals, namely Fire Elemental and Water Elemental. I love those old school moments where fire and water are pairing up! In addition Disk’s seemed to shatter too easy, maybe Maxe used the wrong raw material?
2nd game: Maxe started well with a first turn Dark Ritual into a Nevinyrral's Disk . Again some mana issues appeared on his wonderful playmat. Flippi has a Blood Moon early and provokes the disk to be triggered. Of course he has a second Blood Moon to follow and Maxe is stuck on red mana, not able to play anything useful anymore. I think he could have a chance if he tutored for a basic land, Mox or Disenchant instead of the Scrubland. Flippi then plays another Water Elemental, but a Fireball puts it to the graveyard. The next rounds Flippi casts his own fire and lightning and wins the match!

Special mention to the Power-Monolith Deck from Albert – impressive combo deck with a good result.

Further links:
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