N00bcoM 2 Finals Spoiler

For everyone who wants to have a peek at the final match of the n00bcom 2 this year. *** Spoiler warning ***

It was a match between what I would call LionBurn (basically LionDib without Dibs) played by Seth Roncoroni and TwiddleVault played by Danny Friedman.

It was a quite quick “patience” from Danny. Even after Seth started with a Mind Twist for three in the second game, Danny recovered fast with good draws and play, managing to get the Time Vault combo started again. After showing three Twiddle and a Timetwister the match ended 2:0 for Danny.

Make sure to check the organizer’s website for deck photos and reports: wak-wak.se.

Edit: Find the top two decklists here.

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