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Chaos Orcs Fest II

7 July @ 08:30 19:00 CEST

Swedish Rules – extended reprints allowed

Bologna’s Caldera is the second edition of the Chaos Orcs Festival: a two-days event featuring Italian Nationals tournaments for Premodern and Old School. The festival will host many side events, to be played alongside the main Nationals, or after the SWISS rounds.

Chaos Orcs Fest is a non-profit community event run by volunteers from the Premodern Italia, and The Order of the Orb communities solely for fun, and for the love of old school M:TG formats.

Chaos Orcs ? WTF?: It is now three years that Orcs reign over the Italian MTG nationals tournaments of old school Magic. Last year, in 2023, we had Chaos Orcs Fest: The Two Towers. It was our first, and very chaotic tournament featuring around 150 people across the two days 🀌 🍝 πŸ• … The 2024 edition is set to follow on those footsteps, with many more surprises, new guests, and more chaosβ„’

Stay tuned!. More info will be announced throughout the following weeks, hottest weekend of Magic in July! πŸ”₯

Bologna’s Caldera for the Italian Nationals ? For the first time in three years, the Italian Nationals for Premodern will be featured in a “summer-y” fashion! After the usual cold breeze and wheather of the Ice Age in November, the tournament will finally have its summer bloom. The first week of July, in Bologna, is expected to be the hottest weekend of Magic of the season! Be ready, and bring on your best combo to beat the scorcing temperatures of Italy in July. Either a pack of Brain Freeze or Beers 🍻 would do!

ARCI Benassi

Viale Sergio Cavina, 4
Bologna, 40139 Italy
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