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Ivory Cup VI

2021-06-19 @ 02:00 23:30 CEST

Another traditional old school tournament will be held by webcam this year, the Ivory Cup 6. Rules are full Swedish, so no reprints or proxies!
See the quote from Wak-Wak, the organizer of this event:


It is once again time for the Ivory Cup! We sincerely hope that you will join us even though—or perhaps because—the tournament is online this time. Yes, the cup will be held at Tolaria.app where you will also register for the tournament and submit your deck pic. Welcome everyone!

Also, join our Discord for questions or to chat with both players and the organizers!

The Ivory Cup is Stockholm’s longest running annual old school tournament and is organized by a couple of old local Wak-Wak affiliates. This year will be the 6th year of the tournament. The main idea behind Ivory Cup has been to arrange a larger old school tournament in the Stockholm/Mälardalen area, but still keeping things quite basic. No crazy gimmicks, just a bunch of awesome people and all around good times! Well, we do try to offer a reasonable amount of quality beer. Beer should not be basic. The tournament has nevertheless managed to attract a number of awesome international guest during the years, and we do hope that both local and foreign old school heroes would like to visit us IRL in the future.

Going back to the roots, this year’s online Ivory Cup will still follow the classic Swedish B&R. That is, NO reprints outside of Beta and Unlimited. Concerning beverages, we will put together a list of recommended beers to be enjoyed each round during the tournament. We also hope to arrange a virtual bar where people can relax and chat between rounds, as that part is what we miss most when not attending real life tournaments nowadays.

An Ivory Cup tradition has been to organize a special rules tournament on the night before the main event. However, having consecutive one day tournaments online seems like a bad idea, so this years pre-event will be held two weeks earlier on June 5th. Please join us for the Swedish 69 Showdown which also has a more relaxed reprint policy than the main event. More info here.

Finally, there will be a small prize of some sort to someone. But that’s about all we can promise. We’re only in it for the beer and camaraderie!